Opening Times

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday          10.30- 4.15   

Sunday.                                           10.30 – 4.00

I am here at other times but if you’re making a special trip it’s best to check in advance (email or phone) to make sure I’ll be here.

Off The Wall owes it’s existence to the refurbishment and re-energising of the Piece Hall. It was the possibility of being part of the “Piece Hall Project” that brought the idea of turning my collecting interest into a business into reality.

The Piece Hall ( is the only surviving 18th century Cloth Hall in the UK. The word Hall is confusing – it’s actually 4 walls with covered walkways (think Chester’s Rows or Bologna’s Porticos) surrounding a large open courtyard (some people call it a piazza or a square) reconfigured to enable a wide ranging programme of events. It’s a magnificent grade one listed Georgian building well worth preserving in its own right.  But the refurbishment has also brought back into use the 315 dealers rooms that now provide just over 50 “units” of varying sizes, for bars restaurants and shops – of which Off The Wall is one.

We’re on the South Wall on the Colonnade level (top floor)- above the South Gate. The best lift to use is the one that goes up from the Square Chapel Arts Centre Foyer, past the Piece Hall Visitor Centre and up to floor 2.   Turn left out of the lift and you’ll come to us just under halfway along the wall.

Because the Piece Hall is a Grade One listed building there are extreme constraints on signage (we are not allowed, for example, to put signs on the balcony fronts to alert people in the courtyard that we are here!).  Now almost all the retail units are let there are lots of reasons to come up to the top level – just give yourself time to have a good explore!